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Gab kicked off Google play store for “hate speech” yet “Shooting Trump” game is fine

The hypocrisy continues...


Google bans free speech social network, but game that glorifies shooting President Trump is perfectly fine.

Gab is a new pro-first amendment social media site that is quickly gaining support. In fact, they are 100% user funded through crowd funding and do not use ads. It’s founder, Andrew Torba who is a Trump supporter, was fed up with the censorship on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, so he started Gab.

Gab has been growing steadily, it now has over 200,000 active users including Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos (who was banned off Twitter). I’ve signed up today and am waiting for the invitation.

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Gab was not able to get on Apple’s app store, and now Google has banned Gab from their play store as of yesterday. Below is the statement from Google.

In order to be on the Play Store, social networking apps need to demonstrate a sufficient level of moderation, including for content that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups of people,” the statement read. “This is a long-standing rule and clearly stated in our developer policies. Developers always have the opportunity to appeal a suspension and may have their apps reinstated if they’ve addressed the policy violations and are compliant with our Developer Program Policies.”

As you can see in that statement, Google says any app that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups of people, are not allowed. Yet an app called “Shoot Trump” is available for download in the Google play store. A game where you literally get points for shooting the President outside of The White House with a sniper rifle. Why isn’t this banned? Gab doesn’t promote violence in anyway. Their guidelines clearly say that child pornography and violence are not allowed. But because Gab gives a voice to everyone, good or bad and doesn’t censor people, Google and Apple can’t have that.

Everyone needs to sign up for Gab and show Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple we aren’t okay with censorship!