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Alex Jones and Roger Stone think President Trump isn’t aware of the “traitors” around him in WH

Have Alex Jones and Roger Stone lost confidence in President Trump?

Parts of today’s Alex Jones show echoed many of the same talking points of shows past. It seems every show Alex talks about the “traitors” or “spies” close to the President inside Washington D.C. First, the “traitor” was chief of staff Reince Priebus, which I did completely agree with. I agreed that Priebus was the main leaker in The White House. And was pleased when Trump fired him.

But now Jones and Roger Stone are turning their attention to General McMaster, Gen. Kelly and Gen. Mattis. During the show today Alex Jones had Roger Stone on. Stone, among other things said that President Trump doesn’t know he’s surrounded by traitors, and that the President is “unaware” he’s being lied to by his generals.

First off I am no fan of General McMaster, I do think he is a globalist and has even recently been outted working with George Soros. He needs to go.. But I do not think Kelly or Mattis are globalist at all. I feel that they are true patriots.

I do think it’s awfully disrespectful to the President to think he’s too stupid or airheaded to see what’s supposedly going on around him. That is insinuating that President Trump is not too bright. Which of course is not true. I have full confidence in our President, but the real question is does Alex Jones and Roger Stone?