Rick Kriseman refuses to name who his top donors to his campaign are1 minute read

Big donors mean big favors

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Anthony Cates and I were honored to attend the League of Women’s Voters “Meet the Candidates Forum” on July 10th. Anthony, among the other candidates running for mayor of St Pete, including the current Mayor Rick Kriseman, who is running for re-election was on the panel for the forum to answer questions.

The questions ranged from the new pier, the major sewer problem to affordable housing. The candidates each had 1 minute to answer each question. One of the questions was “Who is the top 5 contributors to your campaign?”. The first candidate to be called upon was Rick Kriseman. He did what a typical politician does and danced around the question. He gave a number of answers that provided no light into who funds his campaign, or where the over 500,000$ came from he raised. When the audience heard Kriseman trying to avoid giving a straight answer, people started to get very upset. Some even started shouting answers for him, “big bank”, “wall street”, “not the people”. Can the people of St Pete trust Kriseman?….. Big donations from big banks and corporations mean big favors during his next term.

Moments later Anthony Cates III was called upon to answer who is his top donors for his campaign. His answer made the audience break out in applause.

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@AnthonyCates2 funds his own campaign along with your donations. Putting everything on the line for the people of #StPete! #stpetemayor2017 https://t.co/nIJqghpfu9

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Why did @Kriseman not answer who his top 5 contributors to his campaign was when asked last night? #CatesForMayor #NoDebateVoteCates

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