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Nancy Pelosi thinks Bush is still in office, and is concerned about Trump’s health

"I'm very worried about his fitness."

Now before you jump all over me saying this is old news, it happened again! Months ago Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said “I don’t see anything I can work with President Bush on” and never even realized her huge mistake.

Then earlier this week Pelosi is back at it again. This time she actually has the nerve to talk about President Trump’s health or “fitness” as she puts it.

“The president’s fitness for office is something that has been called into question,” she said. “I’m very worried about his fitness.”

“It’s too bad because he needs work, and he needs sleep,” Pelosi said.

But wait there’s more, she then in the same press conference mixes up President Trump with President Bush!

“First, he tries to charm you,” Pelosi said of Trump. “President Bush tries to charm you. If that doesn’t work, he tries to bully you. If that doesn’t work, he walks away.”

Then after a moment went by without Pelosi correcting herself, someone from her staff came up and handed her a note about the mistake she made.

“I said President Bush? I’m sorry, I meant to say—it’s hard for me to say it,” Pelosi said, evidently suggesting she did not want to say “President Trump.” “Poor President Bush. I apologize.”

People like John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein all need to really be evaluated for mental health. And I’m not joking, there is CLEAR signs of dementia and alzheimer but yet they’re in charge of our nation?