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Five Four Club Review | Is It Worth It? Monthly Clothing Subscription Box

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Looking for a good monthly clothing service? Is Five Four Club worth it? Here is my full review and all the information you need to know!

As some of you may know, I’ve recently became a campaign manager for a candidate running for mayor.  Prior to that I dressed up pretty rarely, I worked in a warehouse for God’s sake. I love to dress up with a tie, slacks and a jacket, but there was no need to have dress clothes. Then Anthony Cates asked me to be his campaign manager for the most important election in St. Pete history. So I dress up 4-5 times a week. But of course like many peeple don’t have the time to go shopping all the time and go store to store just to find 2 outfits, not to mention it costs a lot more to buy clothes in the store. So I looked into better options, and I found Five Four Club. It’s a monthly clothing subscription service, you can select from different levels of styles, casual, business or a mixture of both. The casual is more everyday stuff such as shorts and t-shirts, where as the business is slacks, long and short sleeve shirts etc. I originally had it set to a mix, but then changed it to business and instead of monthly I changed it to every 3 weeks simply because I hate wearing the same clothes so closely together. I am extremely happy with the packages thus far. It’s also highly customizable, they claim that you’re assigned a personal stylist who will learn your style based off of your returns and by what you put in the “talk to your stylist” on your account.


  • How much is it?
    The cost is 60$ per package. So if you have it set to once a month, you pay 60$, or if you have it set to every three weeks like I do, you pay 60$ every three weeks.


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  • What if you don’t like the clothes in your package?
    Five Four Club offers free exchanges and returns, they include a prepaid package in every box. So returns area very simple.

Ready to give it a try?

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