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Ten interesting people who would make for a great episode.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Joe Rogan and listen weekly to the Joe Rogan Experience. I enjoy it very much. Joe is always looking for new interesting people to have on the podcast. So here is ten people I think would make for a great podcast and Joe should have on!

(Not in any particular order)


Stone Cold Steve Austin

They both do very popular podcasts, put Stone Cold Steve Austin and Joe Rogan in a room and watch the epicness pour out.

Senator Rand Paul

Joe is pretty infatuated with politics but he just doesn’t know much about it. So Rand Paul doing a podcast with Joe Rogan would be so entertaining!

Dolph Lundgren

Lundgren is actually a legitimate genius. Just imagine Joe picking his brain for a full 3 hours!

Rich Piana

Rich Piana is a fitness guru and bodybuilding nut who is so entertaining to watch/listen to. The mixture of the two would be orgasmic.

Matt from Demolition Ranch

Matt runs the super popular gun and outdoors YouTube channel. He would mesh well with Joe and make a great podcast.

Roger Stone

The one person I want Joe to get on the podcast the most. Stone is such an intelligent and cut throat straight shooter type of guy. Him on anything is great.

Larry Elder

This would be a classic liberal (Joe Rogan) vs conservative (Larry Elder). Elder is such a good talker and super intelligent.

Hulk Hogan

Joe has been supportive of Hulk Hogan through all the scandals, and I don’t think they’ve ever met. So it would be so interesting to watch.

Ken Shamrock

They have some heat because Joe thought that Ken’s fight with Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138 was a work. So it would be really awesome to see them talk it out and just talk about the UFC past and present and Bellator.

Conor McGregor

This is a big name, but I think Joe could land it because of his long time reputation in the UFC. And Joe has had Rhonda Rousey, Misha Tate, Jon Jones and many others, so Connor is possible and hopefully we’ll see it in the near future. Possibly before Connor has his fight with Mayweather.


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