St. Pete small business owner feels Kriseman administration has forgotten the small neighborhoods4 minute read

The conversation Anthony and I had with this patriot saddened me

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Mayor Candidate Anthony Cates III talks with a local small business owner, Mike

Earlier today Bay News 9 met with Anthony Cates III and myself for a special piece on him and his run for Mayor Saint Petersburg. Anthony had the idea to have the interview at the mid-town Wal-Mart in which he use to manage before it was closed. Many in the neighborhood have been struggling since the local Wal-Mart has been closed. We spoke to a local business owner named Mike, who owned a beauty shop in the same plaza as the now sad shell of a great neighborhood staple, Wal-Mart. Mike told us that he owns the store with his son, and has done so for quite some time, but because of the recent closure of the Wal-Mart, they may be forced to go out of business.

Mike also told us that no one from the city has been by to check on the business since the closure. His sales have went down almost 50%. Mike has been waiting for months to at least get a phone call or a stop by meeting from someone in the Kriseman administration to let him and his son know that they’re there for them and do have their best interest at heart and keep them in the loop of what’s going on in the neighborhood, after all Mike is a business owner and not only needs to know these things but also has the right to know. Unfortunately it seems as though Kriseman and his team are all too focused on Downtown St. Pete and have simply forgotten about the neighborhoods, the neighborhoods that have fallen on hard times, that need better schools, better after school programs and the chance for economic growth (i.e. new buildings, new businesses etc.) but those are all going downtown, while the “regular” citizens of St. Pete are ignored.

Anthony and I spoke with Mike, who didn’t want to be on camera, for over an hour in his beauty shop. It was then when Anthony and I really saw the passion of this small business owner and the citizens of St. Pete, and ultimately that they need better. At the end of our great conversation with Mike, he had a beautiful smile on his face, took a card of ours, and looked at Anthony and said “I appreciate what you are doing, I will tell everyone I know that we now have a chance to have a person that cares about the citizens of St. Pete in office. God bless you.” Anthony simply replied shacking his hand and saying “that is my person phone number on that card, call me, I’m here for you!”

Anthony Cates III for Mayor of St. Pete!

Anthony Cates III for Mayor of St. Pete!

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