Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones will meet face to face tomorrow2 minute read

Hopefully Alex owns Kelly as he did Piers Morgan

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Earlier in the week Alex Jones announced that NBC’s Megyn Kelly (formerly with Fox News) will be coming to Austin, Texas to meet and have an interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones. The interview will be for Megyn Kelly’s new show, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” which premiers Sunday at 7 PM. So the interview will be taped Saturday, then edited and aired on Sunday.

No word on whether or not Infowars will also be filming it, or what exactly the topic of conversation will be. I can assume that it will be about President Trump, and Jones will be stuck for most of the interview having to defend Trump. But Alex is a really good debater, back when he was on CNN’s Piers Morgan back in 2013 it was the most epic thing on live television that year. So I have complete confidence in Alex that he will represent our country, conservatives and President Trump in a great way.

Also something that will be very interesting is that Megyn Kelly was caught editing a clip of Alex Jones right after the election when he was talking about Hillary Clinton and the Pizzagate scandal. That clip is below.

Alex said earlier on his show today that the producer of Megyn’s show was being so fake polite to him, saying “oh it’s going to be so great!” and Megyn herself was saying “we’re going to go eat after and have a great time” and Alex reportedly responded to her saying “look you don’t like me, I know how this works you guys are going to come in and edit things out and take them out of context” when she replied “no I do look forward to talking to you!”. Alex also said that there was more dicussed but that was an “off the record” conversation. So personally I am extremely anxious to see this interview and really hope that the Infowars cameras are on so we can tell what NBC edits out.

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