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Get Me Roger Stone: REVIEW

I highly recommend this film.

I’ve liked Roger Stone ever since I first saw him on The Alex Jones show during the early going of the 2016 election. When I heard that Netflix was making a documentary on Roger Stone, I couldn’t wait to see it. So I finally sat down to watch it, and just finished it. I really enjoy it, so here is my review.

Get Me Roger Stone is about Roger Stone, a political strategist, and all around political genus. This film really captivates the pure genuineness in the mind of Stone. Democrats hate it, Republicans hate him, but somehow he is always on the winning side. It also focusses on Stone’s younger years, which is mighty interesting.

I would definitely recommend this to any political fan, and especially to all Trump supporters. If not for Roger Stone, President Trump would never be.

Be sure to check this film out right here