Is living with Terror a new Reality?2 minute read

it is a new world we live in.

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On May 22nd 2017, A horrendous event took place. Children and teens with their parents were leaving a Ariana Grande Concert, When a senseless act of terror took place. A ISIS lone wolf waited for these helpless people and blew himself up in the middle of the crowd that was exiting the arena. The device that the suicide bomber used was a sophisticated nail bomb, that it’s soul purpose is to destroy. The suicide bomber killed 22 people and wounded many more, and among the dead are numerous children and teens.  Manchester officials say the death toll could rise due to the amount of critically injured victims that are in the hospitals. This is a new low, especially when you target children. This will get anyone’s blood boiling.

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So This is our new reality we live in, everyday we hear about senseless acts of terror around the globe ranging from suicide bombings in the UK and the Middle East, and Terrorist using a car to moe down innocent bystanders walking the streets. This is what our world has come to, how many more “Pray for Manchester” or “Pray for France” or “Pray for Orlando” are we going to see until the world says enough. We all have to stay vigilant and aware.

So in closing, I hope everyone is always safe and have a great memorial day weekend.

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