Breaking News: Suicide Bomber in U.K. kills 19, injures over 502 minute read

Terror attack at Ariana Grande concert

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Less than an hour ago, at the U.K. arena in Manchester Arena in England a suicide bomber set off what reports say is some sort of nail bomb. Early reports are showing that 19 people are dead and 59 are injured with severe shrapnel wounds.

One eyewitness had this to say. 

Speaking to BBC Manchester Radio, Emma said: “I was in the foyer, the glass exploded. It was definitely a bomb the whole building shook. Body parts were everywhere, a torso, an ear. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. Bodies were everywhere.

“It shattered the glass and there was a fire after it. I have no idea how we survived. The safety glass had all gone. My ears are still ringing.

“I can’t get the picture of those bodies out of my head but I must say our bags were definitely checked and security was present throughout the event.”

The suicide bomber has not been identified but reports are stating it may have been a radical Muslim.

It’s only a matter of time before the terrorist is identified, and is going to be a radical Muslim, and ISIS will claim responsibility. The United Kingdom has had a record number of military aged Muslim refugees flooding the country.

BBC News (UK) on Twitter

Police confirm controlled explosion near #Manchester Arena, was abandoned clothing not a suspicious item

Reuters Top News on Twitter

VIDEO: Chaos at UK’s Manchester Arena after Ariana Grande concert blast; police treating as ‘terror’.

Voice of Europe on Twitter

Moment of the explosion and start of the chaos in the Manchester Arena, UK.


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