The next fake news story to remove Trump revealed1 minute read

The next big story is that Trump has alzheimer's.

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First it was the completely bogus Buzzfeed dossier, the sexual assault cases, the  Russian collusion story and many more fake news stories to try and undermine Trump’s presidency and even remove him from office. But now the next wave of fake news is that Donald Trump is suffering from alzheimer’s. The information is coming from Roger Stone, a previous campaign manager to Trump, and still to this day a close confidant to the President.

BREAKING: Roger Stone Exposes Plan To Overthrow Trump

via YouTube Capture

As Stone explains in the video, it would take a majority of the Trump cabinet and the Vice President to say that the President is not mentally stable or incapacitated to remove the President from office. And we know how almost half of his cabinet such as Priebus, McMaster, Kushner and others are working against the President and leaking information almost on a daily basis. If this were to happen Trump can then dispute it and take it to the house, which again most are against Trump there as well.

Don’t be fooled by these fake news stories.

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