We may hear Hillary Clinton’s concession call soon1 minute read

Dan Scavino says he has it, and may be releasing it soon.

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President Donald Trump’s social media manager Dan Scavino, posted a very intriguing teaser tweet saying that he has the recording of Hillary Clinton’s concession phone call to Donald Trump after losing the election. He also posted the screenshot of the phone showing the call on that night.

I hope and pray that we get to hear this call, I want to hear Hillary Clinton drowning in her self-pity and say the words “congratulations Donald. I’d in fact pay money for that! And by the way it is legal in New York to record a phone call that can be overheard by others, so I would assume someone on the call says “you’re on speaker” or something of that nature.

Stay tuned here at RealNSE.com, if any when the call if released we will have it for analysis.

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