Top 10 Wrestlers from 90’s to early 2000’s3 minute read

My top 10 favorites!

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I’m a pretty big wrestling fan, not so much the current WWE, although I do watch it weekly, but more so the old WWF and WCW days. Here is my top 10 wrestlers from the mid 90’s to 2000’s.

10. Bubba Ray Dudley
One half of arguably one of the greatest tag teams of all times, Bubba was by far the best half of the Dudley Boyz.

9. Scott Steiner
Big poppa pump. Holla if ya hear me! Scott was bound to be a single competitor, when he was with his brother Rick, it wasn’t that great. But when “the booty daddy” cut and bleached his hair he was one of the best heals ever.

8. Eddie Guerrero
Latina heat! Another intense wrestler, Eddie Guerrero was such a great heel and performer.

7. Kane
The big red machine. To sum up how much I dig Kane, I went as him for Halloween one year a long time ago as a kid. I wish I had photos, I took a mechanic like pant suit, cut off one sleeve (like Kane’s old outfit) painted it red, with black lines that look like flames, took a Jason hockey mask and painted it the same, and had a black glove on one hand. It was EPIC!

6. Kurt Angle
Oh it’s true, it’s true. A 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Angle was supposed to be a baby face, but the crowd loved to hate him. But he was and is a fantastic worker and wrestler.

5. Goldust
The bizarre one. By far one of the most talented wrestlers, and super entertaining. The 7 time hardcore champion and 3 time intercontinental champion Dustin Rhodes (son of legend Dusty Rhodes) is a one of my favorites.

4. Chris Benoit
The rabid wolverine. Such an intense wrestler, one of the greats.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Texas rattle snake. One of the best on the mic and getting the crowd pumped up. Every time that glass broke the crowd went nuts because they knew Stone Cold was like no other and they would be seeing something epic.

2. Scott Hall
The bad guy. Whether he was Razor Ramon in the WWF or just Scott Hall in the WCW and then the WWE, Scott Hall is one of the all time greats and an amazing heal. Any superstar that wants to be a heal in wrestling needs to learn from Hall’s career.

1. Hulk Hogan/ Hollywood Hogan
Hogan seems to get nothing but hate lately since the whole Bubba the Love Sponge sex tape scandal and the leaked audio of him using racial slurs. But I believe he not only deserves a second chance, but also his legendary body of work cannot and should not be ignored. His time in WCW and in the NWO as Hollywood Hogan was nothing short of just amazing.

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