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we support Nico Bowling and Anthony Cates III

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Local Political Spotlight: Anthony Cates III for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida

REALNSE is proud to announce that our main Founder Nicolas Bowling, Has been introduced as the Campaign Manager for the future mayor of ST Petersburg Florida, Anthony Cates III. With that being said I will be taking on the major role here at RealNSE for the time being, and Don’t Worry Nico will be back. This is a major move for both of theses guys, Nicolas (Nico) has a great passion for this country and for his writing, expressing the real values that this generation is lacking. Nico started this journey at RealNSE and asked me to join the team, and thanks to him I  found my passion again for journalism. I want to be the first to congratulate and wish my good buddy and best friend Nico  luck. This is a major  accomplishment,and to Anthony Cates III, You picked the right man for the job, he will work endlessly and vigorously around the clock non stop to get the job done. Nico is of high character and great morale values he has a good heart and will do everything he can to help you win the election Anthony.

About Anthony Cates III.

Anthony Cates is a young and very knowledgeable young man, he shows passion for his community and for the equal rights of others and  most important he is what America is lacking in this generation a strong young leader that does not buckle or get easily influenced by today’s society and propaganda. Anthony Cates  needs our Votes and support here in the bay area and especially in the St. Pete area  So I am officially getting behind the Cates team and supporting this young american dream . So there should be no Debate and Vote Cates.



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