Is Trump keeping his “America First” campaign promise?3 minute read

Bombing terrorist harboring countries is putting America First

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Many people on the left and even Trump supporters are starting to question some of his actions. Like the recent missile strike in Syria, and the big M.O.A.B. that was dropped in Afghanistan yesterday targeting ISIS fighters. Trump spoke often about how he was/is anti-war and how war is not the way and if Obama strikes Syria it would be a “big mistake” and make us “look bad”.

Now those tweets were back in 2013, over 3 years ago so it’s a different time. You can’t hold those tweets accountable for the actions Trump is taking now. But of course the fakestream media is taking this and running with is as if it shows Trump being a complete hypocrite. But times change, circumstances change so that’s a bogus argument, as usual.

I tweeted out yesterday that taking out terrorists in other countries is putting America first. I understand some liberals may not be able to understand that, so let me explain. By helping the innocent people in Syria, it shows other countries like China, North Korea, Russia that we aren’t playing games anymore, we are the strong America again unlike the pushovers we were under Obama. Thus preventing those countries from messing with us or harming our people, which puts America first.

Bombing an area in Afghanistan that has known tunnels that ISIS uses to transport weapons and travel through, and ultimately killing ISIS soldiers is doing good for America.

It’s not like we’re constructing huge buildings in other countries for no reason or giving other countries billions of dollars in cash like Obama did. Which of course no one on the left minded at all.

President Trump has done record setting great things domestically and I expect those to continue, and I also support the actions of our President abroad.

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