Did Trump make a mistake attacking Syria?5 minute read

My take on the whole situation

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A number of people are asking my take on this whole situation, so here it is, my complete take on the situation in Syria…

Late last night President Trump ordered the launch of 59 tomahawk cruise missiles to a military base in Syria. This was in response to the horrific attack on innocent Syrian people illustrated by hitlerian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Assad released the nerve gas on the people as they were taking to the streets in fight against his regime. That heinous act led by Assad killed 72 people included woman and children, and the death toll is still rising.

President Trump was never fond of a war in Syria. However after seeing the gruesome images of the aftermath in Syria, he had a change of heart. Now some are criticizing President Trump for “flip flopping” on this, but it’s not flip flopping if the circumstances change, you adapt your opinion to the new circumstances.

Now I have some concerns with this. Number one is that this looks to be a false flag. I fear that it is. I fear that the attack in Syria was not orchestrated by Assad but rather our own Government, or ISIS themselves to bait President Trump into going into a pointless proxy war. Think that’s too far fetched? Look at what happened with 9/11, I’m a firm believer that that was a plot by our Government to get us into war in the middle East for oil. We started a pointless war in the middle East, then pulled our troops completely out and that was the start of ISIS. Now ISIS has the oil, and the guns our troops left behind. What does this have to do with the Syria attack yesterday? Well you see how corrupt people in our Government can be. So to think the gas attach may have been a false flag, isn’t that far from a believable reality. But I trust our President and do trust he has more detailed information then we do.

Obama and his “Red Line”

But either way Bashar al-Assad is a very evil and bad person, and not only does this send a big warning to Assad to fall in line, but also to countries like North Korea, China, Russia and many other countries around the world. President Obama laid down “the red line in the sand” back in 2013 “forcing” Assad to get rid all of his chemical weapons, but that didn’t work out now did it. This move shows that America isn’t the same country it was under President Obama, we won’t just lay down anymore. And ultimately I think that is why President Trump did the airstrike.

I just find it very funny to see people on social media, people who know absolutely nothing about politics or foreign policies or affairs but want to comment on this situation. People who were and are big Obama supporters who said zero when Obama ordered more drone and missile strikes than any other President in history. It will be interesting to see how the left and the Democrats still try and use the whole “Trump is a Russian puppet”, or if they drop it. My guess would be they will still use that because they never learn. But the person that is most pissed off by this whole situation is Russian President Vladamir Putin. So if Trump is a “Russian agent” or “puppet of Putin” why would he go against his “bosses” orders and attack Syria? And one more thing to point out, some people are saying this was “not planned out well” or it Trump was “acting on his emotions”, how do you know that? Trump has made it very clear that he will not be telling the world his or our next moves as past administrations have done. This could have been in the works for months.

So all in all again I have 100% trust in my President and trust that he made the right decision for our country.



Syrian Children lying dead from nerve gas attack
Syrian child being tended to after gas attack
Infants were also killed during this horrific attack.
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