Is Mike Flynn a Democratic operative?4 minute read

This is all happening too perfectly, something is fishy.

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More and more news keeps coming out about President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. So I guess it’s time for me to address it…

In case you aren’t filled in, last month Flynn, a retired 4 star General in the Army, resigned or got fired (however you want to look at it) over “talking about sanctions with Russia”. Which we all know now that that was part of the whole Obama wiretapping situation and Flynn illegally being unmasked. When Flynn resigned, it was a very sad day for Trump supporters, I know I felt like we let the fakestream media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC) control the narrative. But more news have been coming out, including a report saying that Flynn is requesting immunity in return for his testimony to Congress, which ultimately could be used to impeach Trump.

So the real question is why is all of this coming out now? It is very obviously a time bomb, Trump is delivering on basically every front, and they need to try and kill his momentum. Think about it, all of this “intel” was collected during the election, and partially through the transition period, so they’ve been sitting on this for months and months.

So the key things that we need to look at is.

  • Why is this coming out now?
    • Information about surveillance done on Trump and his team done months ago is coming out now? And illegally mind you, we shouldn’t know about any of this. No one being surveilled on should be released or “unmasked” as the intelligence community puts it.
  • What information does Flynn have to offer immunity?
    • Does he have hard evidence? Or is it a smart ploy cooked up by Flynn’s legal team, and he offers up nothing and gets immunity for straw-man like information.
  • Does it even have anything to do with Trump or Russia?
    • We don’t know what Flynn has to offer, it literally could be information on corruption in the Military, we don’t know.
  • Will Flynn’s immunity be granted?
    • It has been reported that his innitial request for immunity has been denied, but that has not been confirmed yet.
  • Was Flynn a mole for the Democratic party?
    • Flynn is a registered Democrat, and honestly I get that some people don’t stay with their registered party every election, you go with the right person. But with the way things are going right now, it’s just too perfect. Lying to Vice President Mike Pence, hiding that he did some business in Russia (mind you this doesn’t mean he is a “Russian Agent”, many, many people do business with Russia as well as Japan, New Zealand ETC. And don’t forget Bill and Hillary Clinton both have been paid CASH to make speeches in Russia), then offering to testify for immunity after Trump said “if you’re innocent why do you need immunity”. The whole thing is far too perfect and is molded to make Trump look bad.

Personally I do think something very odd is going on here. Regardless if Flynn get’s immunity or not, or even if Flynn testifies and gives them absolutely nothing, the left will still press on with this false narrative of Russian ties to Trump winning the election.

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