We made a big mistake, we should have voted for Hillary Clinton2 minute read

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Donald Trump has been in office for 71 days and hasn’t done much of anything. The people on the right brag about how THEIR President has put 2 + trillion in the stock market, decreased the countries debt by 5 billion dollars, added hundreds of thousands of jobs in into the country, blah blah blah. This man has done nothing to help America. The country is far worse off then when Obama was in office. I never realized how lucky we were when Barack Obama was in office until Trump has been in. Obama did so much for our country, making it OK for men who feel like woman to go into the same restrooms that little girls use, strengthening our allies by putting other countries interests first and so many other great things.

As you all know I was sadly a big supporter of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, I am saddened to say that I was duped into believing that Trump was really wanting to put America first. As we all see now his policies are not for America, but rather his own interests. I am also very saddened to say that I made a huge mistake, I should have voted and put my support behind Hillary Clinton…

I got distracted by all of the FAKE NEWS about Hillary’s email server scandal, but we all know now that all of that was fake news. She never had an illegal email server, nor did she ever do favors for people while Secretary of State, this was all fake news. Hillary Clinton is a true patriot, I see that now, I see that she was the most qualified Presidential candidate we have ever had. Hillary should be President right now, she would be doing so much good for our country, and most of all she would have been able to continue the great work Obama did through his 8 great years. We can only hope that Hillary Clinton runs again in 2020, and this time Russia doesn’t hack and interfere with our election so she has a fair shake!

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