Local Political Spotlight: Anthony Cates III for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida4 minute read

I am endorsing Anthony Cates III for Mayor of St. Pete!

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My good friend Anthony Cates is running for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida. When he told me that, I was pleased. Anthony is an incredible person, and an even harder worker. He worked for my father for quite some time, and I would hear from my father every week when we met for our Sunday dinner how impressed he was with this guy named Anthony. And that is saying a lot from my father as he doesn’t play any games at work. One thing I noticed very quickly after meeting Anthony is that he is an incredibly hard worker, he sets his sights very high and does not stop until he reaches his goals.

This is why I am fully endorsing Anthony Cates III, for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida. We here at RealNSE.com will do everything we can to ensure that Anthony is the next Mayor of St. Pete, as he will do great things for the city, and I can’t imagine no one else that deserves and wants it more.

No Debate. Vote CATES!

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Local Political Spotlight: Anthony Cates III for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida

Press release from Anthony Cates III

Who says lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice? Anthony Leonardo Cates III has just debunked that myth, for he has struck again by entering the Mayoral race as of March 13th, 2017. This young activist, philanthropist, community servant, man of the people has officially filed the necessary documents to become a candidate in this up-and-coming mayoral election in St. Petersburg, Florida. Anthony first ran for Mayor of Saint Petersburg in 2013 at the ripe old age of 23 where he believed then as he believes now change starts with self and in order to tighten the gap of economic depravity, selfless acts must be made to help the disenfranchised people not just in this great city, but yet on a global level. Mr. Cates has vowed once again as he vowed in his first campaign if elected mayor his official salary will be given back to the people through various programs to help combat economic inequality in its footsteps.

Anthony has worked with a multitude of organizations from agriculture, business and housing, to career opportunities for the youth here in Saint Petersburg. His passion for the people was instilled at an early age by his father and mentor Anthony Cates Sr. Anthony participated in countless community events throughout his life. With over 200 plus community service hours with the Sixth Circuit Court in Juvenile Arbitration, Anthony has learned a lot about giving second chances to help rehabilitate and redirect troubled youth so they can someday be self-sustaining contributing citizens. Being no stranger to the political process Anthony was a part of several campaigns with Managing Lewis Stephens for City Council District 7 in St. Petersburg, Florida, being the latest. He later helped Stephens start up I Support Youth, INC. a federally recognized 501 (C)(3) nonprofit which focuses on the Youth in Saint Petersburg, Florida. With I Support Youth, INC., Cates serves as Vice President and advisor to Founder and President Lewis Stephens.

With the support of the people Anthony vows economic stability, affordable housing, small business resources, early childhood education and a plethora of other issues the 260,000 citizen’s face will be at the foresight of Anthony’s agenda and they will be addressed.


Anthony Cates for Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Florida! Pass the message on…

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Vote Anthony Cates III For Mayor August 29th, 2017!!!





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