Donald Trump is on a whole other level | Leaked his own taxes!3 minute read

Trump is an absolute mastermind!

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I was a bit nervous last night when I heard that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has Donald Trump’s tax returns. But then when I found out it was just from 2005, I wasn’t too worried about it anymore. Like I stated last night in my article when this first broke, he was a civilian then, not a politician or even running for office, so it really is irrelevant. Unfortunately I was suckered into watching Rachel Madcow’s show, but to no surprise it was just a hyped up story with for absolutely nothing. In the tax returns it showed that Trump made 150$ million in 2005, and paid 38$ million in federal taxes. Remember when Hillary Clinton said Trump isn’t releasing his taxes because he may be hiding that he didn’t pay any taxes? Clinton should know that Trump is smart enough to know that you don’t get away with avoiding paying tax, as a tax accountant NYC will tell you in great detail!

The claim was that a reporter, David Cay Johnston, found the tax returns in his mailbox by an “anonymous source”. Now we all know the truth about these “sources” from the fake-stream media. Many people are thinking that Trump released these taxes himself, just to get the media to cover it, in essence to troll them. I believe this is true, if you look at the copies that Maddow had, you can clearly see it says “client copy”. Which would suggest that this was a copy from Trump himself, and not from the IRS. But why would he do this? It’s simple, if Trump released his taxes that showed he paid a lot in federal taxes and no funny business on his own, the media wouldn’t care nor cover it. But by “leaking” it, the media thinks it’s a big story although it isn’t, and reports on it. Just like how Trump did with, Sweden, he made the media cover the issues going on there, when Trump said the media didn’t cover radical Islamic terrorism, the media went back over all of the terrorism stories just to show they did in fact cover them, but by them doing this it proves Trump’s point even further about the problem with Islamic terror.

Trump is always 10 steps ahead of everyone. It’s so amazing, but also a little scary. But luckily Trump is on our side, America’s side.

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