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I am officially retiring from being a mixtape DJ

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First off let me thank everyone for a great musical career. I was a mixtape DJ for over 10 years. I’ve probably dropped over 100 mixtapes, and placed over a thousand in the streets of Tampa. At one point I was the top rated DJ in the Tampa area on Reverbnation. The reason why I bring this all up is due to the fact that I did have a successful music career. Also at one point it was my main source of income. I’ve worked with hundreds of artists, some mainstream and some unsigned. I focused on the unsigned rappers and hip hop artists because that is where I felt was the most talent. So why am I retiring? Well let me give you the inside look.

Unfortunately over the past 2 years or so, the music industry has really went down hill as far as the independent scene. There will always be incredibly talented unsigned and unknown rappers that will never change. But the drive those artists have has subsided significantly. Many of the artists I talk to or contact me, don’t want to put any form of work in after making their music. They create the music, then don’t want to spend any money on marketing or management. At the end of the day if someone is serious about their passion or craft, they will do anything it takes to get it done, or in this case noticed by a record label. But many of these artists want producers, managers, marketing individuals, graphic designers and DJ’s like myself to work for free and push their music. That’s just not how it works. As the famous saying goes, it take’s money to make money. Ultimately this is why I am retiring from the industry. I am still very much a hip hop head and love music, but my main focus right now is

With that being said thank you to anyone who ever listened or downloaded anyone of my mixtapes.

I also changed my Twitter handle, it is no longer DjBootleg813, it is @NicoRealNSE.

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