SNL fails hard at mocking Alex Jones & President Trump3 minute read

Another botched hit piece on our President and a patriot like Alex Jones

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Saturday Night Live continues to go as low as possible. Washed up Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump, although saying he won’t be doing it much longer. In this weeks skit Baldwin plays a scared, intimated racist who listens to Alex Jones and Infowars. In the skit aliens are invading earth, and the Army turns to President “Trump” for guidance, and yes you guessed it, they portray him as clueless.

I actually heard the aliens are already here, they’ve been hiding in this country for hundreds of years, it’s a fact. They’re shape shifters, they look like regular people but they’re aliens. Look there’s one right there (points to black woman), and so is the woman next to her, right there (points to another black woman).

The General then asks “Trump”: Sir, where are you getting this information?

From a very reputable source. – The FBI, the CIA? – Infowars, it’s a radio show hosted by Alex Jones. You know he’s legit, because he’s always taking off his shirt OK.

There’s a few things to notice here in this clip, they have “Trump” refer to the two veteran black woman as aliens. Which not only paints Trump as a racist, but also someone who doesn’t respect our men and woman in uniform. Beyond that when the aliens ask to speak to their leader, “Trump” shakes in fear and points to the person next to him, as if to imply that he is a coward. This is all the complete opposite of President Trump, this is the man who was awarded the Ellis Island Medal in 1986 alongside Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.

You know, if it was just a satire harmless comedy bit, it would be fine and maybe even funny. I think Baldwin does an OK over the top Trump. But when they bring it to a level of portraying our President as a racist and complete moron, it becomes more than a comedy skit.

And they brought in Alex Jones. If you follow me at all you’ll know I’m a big Alex Jones fan, I was even featured on his show a few weeks ago (of course I have to throw that in), so it pains me to see the media continuously mock Jones and Infowars as if they’re not a credible news source. And mock the fact that Trump does listen to Jones and is a close acquaintance to him. As if that’s a bad thing. The mainstream media just doesn’t get it, the more they mock and poke fun of Alex Jones the more popular Infowars gets, and that is why the legacy media is dying.

I’m curious to see if President Trump tweets about this and has some kind words to say about Jones.

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