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People easily offended

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So there has been an epidemic going on of easily offended people,now a days if you do not agree with somebodies views, they get offended and want to argue and fight you on the spot. The problem stems from the schools miss-leading students and pushing their  own views on the kids and not letting them think for their selves or come up with their own opinion. Then we have these kids being given everything without earning anything. The other issue is now a days kids hardly get punish for their actions and when something major occurs, people tend to blame the the kids friends or demographic area they live in and make excuses for the kid instead of making them responsible for their actions. The other big problem is the main stream media pushing their agenda, and propaganda on these kids, and filling their heads full of false information and ideas. The media pushes people to riot and and incite looting and other violence on each other and call it a peaceful protest ,when we know damn well that this is not a peaceful protest. Main stream media just wants to push their agenda and get our society to be divided so they can say that they were right, and that the direction of this country is going down hill because the presidential candidate that they wanted to win is not in office and because of that this our country will fall and fail, this is what they are hoping for unfortunately.

I say it’s a bunch of garbage, this country has been on a down ward spiral since 2008 and continued to spiral out of control up until recently, when our current president took office and has been turning this country around little by little, especially with our economy and the proof is shown with wall streets big gains every day and breaking records.

So to those easily offended people wake up and open your eyes, you are being fed a bunch lies by the Main Stream media.

So With that I say Welcome to The Real Rant.

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