Unbelievable! Alex Jones talks about RealNSE.com!1 minute read

"Tell us about your site"

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During Infowars.com‘s live coverage of President Trump’s Historic Speech To Congress, I called in live to the show. I waited on hold for over and hour and was actually able to get on the show live with Alex Jones! When I was called upon I told Alex how much I appreciate all the hard work Infowars does, and that they inspired me to start my own news site RealNSE.com, he replied “Tell us about it”. He then let me plug my site live on the show, they even pulled up RealNSE.com and showed all their hundreds of thousands of viewers. I am so thankful to Alex and Infowars for this!

The question I asked was about President Trump’s spending on travel and what Alex and the crew thought about this.

I wrote an article on this topic as well here
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Os4qYLNJDk
I’m at the 3:22:53 mark of the original video

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