I’m concerned about President Trump’s Travel Spending – VOTE3 minute read

"This guy should be in the White House, working on jobs, working on national security. But all he want's to do is campaign for Hillary."

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All throughout the 2016 election the then President Barrack Obama was campaigning week after week for then candidate Hillary Clinton. Using the tax payers to fund her campaign in a sense because Obama used Air Force One to fly around the world to hold rallies for Hillary Clinton. Trump was very critical of President Obama using our tax money to campaign for “Crooked” Hillary..

“This guy should be in the White House, working on jobs, working on national security. But all he want’s to do is campaign for Hillary.”

The numbers show that President Barack Obama racked up a travelling bill of just over 90 million dollars. With that all coming from the pockets of the American People.

Now President Donald Trump’s travel expenses are sky rocking like crazy. Flying back and forth every weekend to and from Mara-Lago is costing the American people roughly 10 million dollars. That’s just getting there on the Air Force One and using the Secret Service one way. And not to mention the fact that Trump’s sons are now running his company. So anytime they travel on business in their personal jet, they still need Secret Service on them because they are of the first family.

President Trump and his close family (Wife & young son Barron) go to Mara-Lago every weekend. Now he is doing work while there, so it isn’t a vacation in my book, but this stuff is really starting to add up! I know that Trump has the American people’s best interest at heart, but he needs to slow down. Cut down on all the events and rallies. I love the rallies I think it is a great thing to do to rally people from all different walks of life together. But like I said somethings got to give here because this is just more ammunition for the left to use!


In Trump’s first quarter (3 months) in office he is projected to have spent just as much if not more than President Obama’s entire 8 year term.

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