Why is the left so obsessed with Donald Trump’s taxes?2 minute read

"I need to see your taxes"

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Throughout the election Hillary Clinton and the left were consistently bringing up Donald Trump not releasing his taxes. Even now, over 3 months after the election is over and Trump is our 45th President they still are obsessed with this fixation. Why? Why does it matter? I couldn’t care less about his taxes, and his huge amount of supporters don’t either. Many of those people on the left who are still demanding Trump release his taxes didn’t say a thing about Hillary Clinton not releasing her 33,000 deleted emails. They don’t see a problem with that. They would rather see a billionaire business man’s tax returns from when he was a civilian than see 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted AFTER receiving a subpoena to turn them all over from an illegal email server she had when she was  the secretary of state. Yeah that makes sense…

Half of those people blindly following this narrative couldn’t even understand what they would be looking at even if he did release his taxes. They probably think Donald Trump’s taxes are just the same as theirs, one “1099EZ” sheet.

Trump won’t release his taxes, and we’re fine with that. We don’t care to see how much money he paid or was loaned by certain people or companies. The left is so use to being taken advantage of and the pay for play, they think it’s the norm and that Trump has to be corrupt. But guess what, he isn’t. He is for the American people, even the brainwashed leftists!

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