Something is seriously wrong with Maxine Waters3 minute read

She doesn't know the difference between Korea and Crimea

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Maxine Waters, a U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district in the Democratic party, is clearly starting to lose her mind. Maybe due to old age, as she is almost 80 years old, or maybe she just was never very bright. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that there is something seriously wrong with Maxine Waters. Every week she says something just completely ignorant or just simply incorrect at a press conference or on one of the fake-stream media shows (CNN, MSNBC, CBS ETC.). The first time I thought it may just have been a slip it, but then it happened again and again, then she just keeps going lower and lower, and the things she says just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Last week she called Trump’s cabinet members “a bunch of scumbags”.

Something is seriously wrong with Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters is just one of the many brain-dead Democrats that continue to insist that Donald Trump is a “Russian Agent” and has ties to Russia, although there is absolutely no evidence to support that. Waters has called for President Trump to be impeached countless times only a month and a half into his presidency. Then when asked on what grounds should he be impeached, her response is because he has ties to Russia. When asked what evidence do you have to support that, she just says “The Russians hacked the DNC!”. Hmm, so let me get this right, you want the President of the United States that was elected fair and square by the people, because in YOUR OPINION he has ties to Russia? And you yourself Maxine have been under investigation a handful of times? How’s that work?

Now this is a long video from Hard Bastard, a fantastic YouTuber I enjoy watching and I recommend, but I have bookmarked the part of Maxine Waters so you will go right to that part.

Donald Trump Answers A Question Honestly & The Media & Establishment Have A Meltdown

Over the weekend the media ran around with its hair on fire because President Trump was honest in his answer about Putin to Bill O’Reilly.

Another genius moment from good old Maxine was at a press conference with her fellow Democrats, where she said that Russia has invaded Korea, forgot what Aleppo was, and said that he is “target Muslims” in his travel ban, although it says no where in the ban anything about Muslims.

Even when Maxine Waters is just talking, and not screwing up or having a brain aneurysm you can clearly see there isn’t much going on up there. And this is a member of the congress representing the Democrats? Yikes…

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