Infowars gets ads banned from website1 minute read

No longer able to get ad revenue

Help us fight censorship!

Emergency! InfoWars Under Massive Censorship Attack!

The globalists are going all out to suppress InfoWars and have now gone gone for the jugular trying to destroy InfoWars ad revenue. Help support the information war and make this video go viral! Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more.

Today on the Alex Jones show he announced that Adroll has pulled their ability to place ads on their website. is a huge news website that receives millions of unique visitors a month and is able to provide a free news source by placing advertisements on their pages and are listener supported by selling supplements and nutraceutical. Jones said that last year alone they made over 3 million dollars from advertising on the site. This comes a few months after a similar incident happened to Adroll claimed (in a nutshell) that they’re to right wing and fake news. Mind you that they have advertising on porn and anti-Trump websites.

Jones said that he will be filing a lawsuit against Adroll for this. And most likely he will win.

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