Ted Nugent considering running for state Senator1 minute read

"Nobody can stop me doing this"

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Rockstar Ted Nugent who is a Republican and a big supporter of Donald Trump, is flirting with the idea of running for Senator of his hometown of Michigan. Nugent, who currently resides in Texas, says he is tired of the way politicians are running his state. Nugent, born in Detroit, was on the Alex Jones show earlier and was encouraged by Jones to make a run, saying “obviously if the people want you and the people get behind you what’s the time frame and how do we get you to run for Senate there in Michigan what’s the time frame?”

Ted Nugent responded saying “I don’t know if I’m ready to run for the Senator but they want me to run for Governor & Senator” but said ultimately his family will have to vote on it. Nugent also said “nobody can stop me doing this”

I really hope Nugent runs as he is a true patriot and I think he can do a lot of good. The Senate race isn’t until 2018 so Nugent has sometime to consider. Fellow musician Kid Rock also is considering a run.

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