President Trump revises travel ban | Expected to submit this week1 minute read

The same 7 countries are on the list

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President Trump’s travel ban that he tried to pass was overturned by the 9th district court over a week ago due to it being “unconstitutional”. The original executive order was a 90 day travel ban that prevented individuals from seven countries on a list that the Obama administration deemed to be high terrorist prone country. The seven countries that were on the list are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Those countries are still on the rewritten order, however the difference is that people with a green card from those countries will be allowed to travel to the United States even if they have never used their green card during the ban.

President Trump had the option to fight the overturn and take it to a federal court, or rewrite the executive order. I think Trump made the right decision, as it would have taken far longer to appeal the case again. Although I do think it would have been overturned by another judge. This just goes against what the left wants you to think about Donald Trump, that he is too arrogant and always wants to get his way. Instead, he did the presidential thing and chose to take the loss and simply rewrite the order.

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