What the hell is up with The Walking Dead2 minute read

Just keeps getting more boring every week

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This season (7) was supposed to be the biggest season of the shows history. The first episode back to start the 7th season was very epic, we finally got to see who Negan slaughtered. From then on this season has been nothing but a disappointment. The way each episode seems to be shot is very boring, before this season everyone from Rick’s crew and even the bad guys they were going up against were all in the episode. Now, Rick and the crew are in almost every other episode it seems, one episode will be about the Saviors, next week it will be about Carol, then Rick and the gang. Like this is boring! We’re nine episodes in through the seventh season and the crew still haven’t put together a plan to defeat Negan and the Saviors. That was suppose to be the whole story line throughout the entire season. But I feel as though Rick and the crew won’t actually fight Negan and the Saviors until the last episode, then they’ll do the whole fade to black thing leaving us hanging until next season.

I really wanted this episode to be real action packed, with Rick and the crew fighting Negan and the Saviors almost every episode. But instead we have got maybe one good episode of all the main characters together and a half of an episode of fighting/killing.

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