Trump is racist for asking a reporter to setup meeting with CBC3 minute read

The left loves that race card!

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President Trump’s Thursday press conference was epic to say the least. But at one point April Ryan a reporter from the URN (Urban Radio Network) stood up and asked Donald Trump a question about how he plans to fix the inner cities. But the answer Trump gave to her follow-up question made all of the left wing liberals gasp and pull that race card they love to use so often.

Well, when you say the inner cities, are you going — are you going to include the CBC, Mr. President, in your conversations with your — your urban agenda, your inner city agenda, as well as —


Am I going to include who?

Are you going to include the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional —

Well, I would. I tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting?

Do you want to set up the meeting?

No — no — no. I’m not —

Are they friends of yours?

I’m just a reporter.

Well, then set up the meeting.

I know some of them, but I’m sure they’re watching right now.

Let’s go set up a meeting. I would love to meet with the Black Caucus. I think it’s great, the Congressional Black Caucus. I think it’s great. I actually thought I had a meeting with Congressman Cummings and he was all excited. And then he said, well, I can’t move, it might be bad for me politically. I can’t have that meeting. I was all set to have the meeting. You know, we called him and called him. And he was all set. I spoke to him on the phone, very nice guy.

How racist!!! The reason why Trump asked the reporter to setup the meeting with the CBC isn’t because she’s black, it’s because she asked the damn question! If I asked the question to you: “Do you know that guy John Smith?” Your response would most likely be “No, why is he a friend of yours?”. That’s how the human brain works folks, if you are asked a question about something or someone you don’t know, you ask who they’re.

Now, let’s be clear, Trump knows who the Congressional Black Caucus is, but not personally. Obviously the reporter April Ryan knows them or she wouldn’t have asked the question. She even goes onto to say “well I do know a few of them”. So the idea that it’s racist to ask if she can setup a meeting with them just because she’s black is nonsense.

Fake Media Alludes To Trump Being Racist for CBC Question To Black Reporter (REACTION)

During the now-infamous press conference Donald Trump held on Thursday, February 16th 2017, a black reporter named April Ryan asked Donald Trump about involving the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in his plan for inner city/urban development. Trump responded by saying yes he would love to meet with them.

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