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Red Carpet Support for Trump

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25 year old singer Joy Villa, showed up to the Grammy’s to make a statement, a statement that showed backing for President Donald Trump. She turned the left leading Grammy’s world upside down and sent the media into a frenzy when she showed up wearing a glamorous gown in a Red, White, and Blue color scheme with the Slogan “Make America Great Again”, which was Trump’s Campaign slogan. The 25-year-old, who is not nominated, originally appeared in a flowing, conservative white dress and then unveiled her statement-making dress underneath.


Joy Villa is know as singer and actress, and on her twitter page bio she wrote that she is a Vegan Health Coach as well. She is know for making controversy as well. Back in 2016 she showed up  wearing a orange net looking gown to the Grammy’s and sent social network buzzing. Right now she has liberals losing their minds. On a earlier Tweet Joy Villa Tweeted about her dress


My whole plate form is about LOVE! I couldn’t be where I am today without the love and tenderness of those…  Villa faced a backlash of criticism for it. If this was to simply make a statement or just a shock and aw ploy to get people to notice her, well mission accomplished either way It got every-ones attention world wide. I would Love to see what President Trump has to say or what he will Tweet regarding this Situation at the Grammy’s .

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