Alex Jones’ Most Powerful Video Ever1 minute read

A must watch for every American

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Alex Jones has continuously put out the best anti-globalist pieces over the last decade. This may be Alex Jones’ most powerful video ever.

Trump is delivering on scores of his campaign promises at unprecedented speed, but this has also galvanized his opposition. Including some of those who are close to him. He is surrounded by deceitful people who are betting that he will fail and that the Republic will fall. We must stand strong and support his vision of liberating the free world from the Globalists and Peace and Prosperity for all!

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[…] There are leaks coming out of the White House. Alex Jones, a huge supporter and close insider to the President says he has the information and knows who the leak is, so does Trump. Jones says that he will be releasing a special report on Monday. But the leak is said to be the weasel himself, Reince Priebus. “They’ll be a closed door meeting with 4 people, Trump, Bannon, Pence and Priebus, of course it’s him!” Alex Jones said in a recent video. […]

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