Sen. John McCain makes a utter fool of himself at Jeff Sessions hearing1 minute read

John McCain high jacked the hearing to talk about how bad Russia is.

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The semi final Senate hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions was held today. And boy was it a freak show. Throughout the hearing more and more Soros paid nut jobs on the Democratic side of the Senate were talking about every last think that Sessions has ever done.

But the thing I found funny is that it was like a freak show. You have Nancy Pelosi slurring her words throughout her time at the mic. She then said “I feel Senator Sessions won’t work with the LBGT“. Mind you that it’s “LGBT” AND NOT “LBGT”! This coming from a person that says she’s for and an advocate for the LGBT community.

Then the Senator that no one likes. The Senator that just refuses to move on, the 80 year old Senator John McCain stepped to the mic. Instead of sharing his thoughts on the matter at hand (Jeff Sessions for Attorney General), he goes on a 6 minute whacky and pathetic rant about Russia, The Kremlin and yup you guessed it, Vladimir Putin. 

You can watch the full freakshow here…

LIVE STREAM: Senate VOTE on Confirmation of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

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