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Was It the Greatest Come-back or The Greatest Collapse in Sports History

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So Super-Bowl LI(51) came and went, and what we witness was history between the two teams. It was an exciting game and you can see why it was sold out, with people fighting on sites like Ticket Club (which offers different military discounts) to get tickets to the big game. The stage was set and one team was going to come out on top,with most of the country were pulling for the Atlanta Falcons, to beat the most hated franchise in sports history the New England Patriots. From the opening of the game the feel was something different with a scoreless first quarter, people started talking and saying is this going to be one of those boring ones, but that is when the 2nd quarter hit and the magic started to take place, The Atlanta Falcons struck first with two scores. The first one was a five yard touchdown run by Devonta Freeman, that capped off a 71 yard drive. The next drive stared the best Wide Receiver in the league, Julio Jones who was spectacular- making some outstanding catches and picking up chunks of yards in which setup Matt Ryan’s 14 yard touchdown pass to Austin Hooper, which put the Falcons up 14-0. The next drive came and Tom Brady started to march down the field, with 2:43 to go in the 2nd quarter and it was 3rd and 6 Tom Brady took the snap and fired the pass right into the waiting hands of Alford of the Atlanta Falcons who returned the interception for a touchdown which put the Falcons up 21-0 before the half. After that Brady did drive the Patriots down the field for a field-goal to closeout the half.

The Magic took place in the 2nd half.The second half started out with both teams trading punts, but the Falcons offense simply wasn’t ready to go cold for very long. Ryan would lead the team on an eight play, 85 yard drive, capping it with a six yard touchdown pass to Tevin Coleman to put the Falcons up 28-3. Then The Patriots finally responded with a touchdown of their own, when Brady found James White for a five yard touchdown pass that would close the gap to 28-9, but they missed the extra point attempt. After that play the Patriots failed on a onside kick in which the Falcons gained possession of the ball and in return went 3 and out. Brady did come out and started to mount a drive and got another field goal. but you could feel the momentum starting to change towards the way of the Patriots. The lead was 28-12 Falcons with a comfortable lead, Then came the game changer, with just 8 minuets left in the 4th quarter the Patriots got a crucial strip sack on Matt Ryan, which put the Patriots in perfect field position to score in which they did and converted on the two point conversion.

But then the Falcons started to show life again, Freeman broke out a 39 yard catch that then would set up in what I believe is the Best catch to ever happen in a game and a Super Bowl period , Julio Jones caught a pass in which look like he was frozen in time along the sideline and managed to toe tap the sideline. This seemed to narrow the chances for the Patriots to mount a Comeback now, but we were wrong, Ryan took an 11 yard sack to knock the Falcons out of field goal range, and a holding penalty put them completely out of field goal range. On third and 33, Ryan would overthrow an open receiver to force a punt with three and a half minutes lefts. This then would pin the Patriots 91 yards away from the endzone. The page was theirs, would Tom Brady write his way into the history books. well let me tell you Brady drove them from their own 9 yard line and yeah they had a couple of holding penalties go their way, but that does not take away what happened during that drive. Julian Edelman made the most incredible catch in NFL history to get the Patriots out to midfield. The two minute warning came with another Brady completion to get the Patriots down to the 20 yard line of the Falcons. Then the epic collapse took place and the Greatest Comeback was witnessed. Patriots would score a touchdown with 57 seconds left in the fourth quarter on a short pass to Danny Amendola and then he would run it in for a two point conversion to tie it up. Now at this point the Falcons have just blown a 25 point lead, The game went into overtime in which never has happened in SuperBowl History until that night. The whole world witness History,The Great Tom Brady marched his team down the field to capture his 5th Super-Bowl title. What we witnessed was history in which on the same day, we saw the Greatest Collapsed to happen in SuperBowl history and the Greatest Comeback to happen in Superbowl History. This game will go down as one of the greats.



In Closing : The critics can say all they want that the Patriots cheat, they win too much etc etc. The truth of the matter is that they showed that they are a Dynasty and the most Dominant franchise in this era. Tom Brady is going down as one of the Greatest QuarterBacks to play the game. He has now surpassed Joe Montana as the greatest with winning 4 superbowl MVPS and Montana only having 3MVPs. Brady is now the only Quarter Back to win 5 Super-Bowls and appear in 7 superbowls. I am no Patriots fan, but I am a sports fan and watching them play the game I saw them play in the 2nd half makes me love this game even more and give them all the props. Like it was once told to me “Real Recognizes Real.

So with that my friends its been a great year and one hell of a ride. see ya’ll next season.

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