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One of the best Mafia books I've ever read

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You all probably know how big of a Mafia fan I am, I’m always looking for the next best La Cosa Nostra book or movie. I came across Michael Franzese on the great NatGeo show “Inside The American Mob”, which you can watch below. On my way home from work I like to listen to books from Audible as it makes my almost hour drive home a lot more bearable. Blood Covenant popped up on my recommended list based on my previous Mafia books I’ve purchased, I had never heard of Franzese before that, but he seemed to have a great story to tell, so I purchased his book “Blood Covenant” on Amazon’s Audible. The big selling point for me is that Michael Franzese narrates his own book, I really enjoyed that and wish more authors did that, especially for biographies.

I truly enjoyed this book, and was sad when I finished it. I found myself looking forward to the drive home so I can listen to the book. He tells the story of not only his life in the mob including stories about John Gotti, Paul Castellano’s murder, the Joe Colombo hit, getting made and much more, but also from his personal life such as meeting his wife, finding his faith in God and his father John “Sonny” Franzese who was also a made member in the Colombo crime family.

If you enjoy Mafia-Crime based biographies I would HIGHLY recommend checking this book out. You can purchase the book or Audible version using our referral link on Amazon below.

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