Is California For Real?2 minute read

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So the movement for California to become independent from the United States started today, a proposal was submitted to the Secretary of State’s office Thursday. The Proposal which is called Calexit, which got its name from Brexits, which is UK’s departure from the EU. Their have been these types of proposals before, Similar attempts to establish California as a nation, or break it into multiple states, have failed. In order to succeed from the United States there needs to be 600,000 signatures, yes there is a Group already established to start collecting those signatures. Yes California Independence Campaign is the name of the movement. The main reason for this movement is because of President Donald J Trump winning the election. In an interview with President of the Yes California movement Louis Marinelli he was quoted in saying this. “We definitely see that there’s some newfound support for this and we want to get the signatures out there, especially now because we’re in the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency when he’s going to be aggressively pursuing his policies that the people of California are going to reject — and have rejected,” According to Marinelli, the so-called Calexit backers have about 7,000 supporters mobilized to gather signatures statewide for the new California nationhood initiative. Organizers have until July 25, 2017, to meet the requirement of collecting signatures of 585,407 registered voters. This movement will not come easy and will face many obstacles. The fiscal impact of this measure is dependent on various factors, including a vote by the people on this measure, a subsequent vote on California independence, possible legal challenges, and implementation issues. California, rich with tourist opportunities like whale watching California would benefit from remaining in the USA. Assuming that California actually became an independent nation, the state and its location governments would experience major, but unknown, budgetary impacts. I believe that California will not end up succeeding from the United States, and they just need to suck it up and stop acting like is their way or the highway. So let us know what you guys think of the topic


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