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If you follow my Packers page on Twitter, you probably saw my almost game long rant on how frustrated I was yesterday. Particularly with our defense. Every single year for the past almost 5 years we have came up short not due to our offense, but rather our defensive schemes and play calling. That falls on Dom Capers, yes we’ve been damaged due to injuries but we have a ton of talent on the defensive side, so injuries really aren’t a viable excuse anymore. This is the NFL, next man up. Each player on the 52 man roster are on the team for a reason, the duty of the players is to be ready when your number is called, and more importantly it is the coaches job to have those players ready to play at any given moment. When a student fails a class, you don’t blame the student, you blame the teacher for not doing their job.

Dom Capers has been our defensive coordinator since 2009 and has only had a top 5 defense one time (2010). Teams in the NFL never keep a coach on a team for more than 5 years if they aren’t producing, Ted Thompson has always been shy on making changes to the team, but it is absolutely time to move on. Capers is not changing with the game of football. He doesn’t change his defensive schemes and never makes adjustments to the team we are facing.

For everyone who is claiming it isn’t Capers fault, and it’s injuries or that we don’t have the personnel on defense. We have arguably and in my opinion the best safety in the league Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, Morgan Burnett, Mike Daniels, Damarious Randall, tell me if you think the Patriots, Seahawks or even the Raiders could win with that personnel? Yeah, I think so too. At the end of the day, we need people on both sides of the ball, but our defense comes up short EVERY YEAR and it’s time to move on from Dom Capers.

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