Bellator 170 Review, Tito Ortiz beats Chael Sonnen in a pathetic fight2 minute read

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I rarely watch Bellator MMA, however with all of the stars from the UFC either retiring or coming over to Bellator I find myself enjoying Bellator a little bit more than the UFC  lately. The UFC is definitely losing steam, they need more stars and more interesting fights.

Bellator 170 Review, Tito Ortiz beats Chael Sonnen in a pathetic fight

I didn’t watch much of the fights to be honest. I only watched the Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen fight, and boy what a waste of time. It ended only 2:03 into the first round. Tito beat Chael by way of really pathetic and ugly rear naked choke. If you watched the fight it was very apparent that Chael clearly had “ring rust” as they call it. When they went to the ground Chael went for a gelatin choke, but it was really out of place and he wouldn’t let go. He held it for probably 20 seconds which ultimately killed his arms so Tito popped out. Chael wasted his energy on that. Then Tito got a full mount, Chael turned on his stomach, Tito got the choke, but it wasn’t solid, it was more on Chael’s chin, but it was tight. It really seemed that Chael gave his neck up and just gave up. Pretty disappointing as Chael is a great wrestler.

So this was Tito Ortiz’s last fight, he is officially retired as a fighter, and Chael Sonnen has his eyes on Wanderlei Silva. Chael said that is why he came to Bellator in the first place, and chose to fight Tito just because. I really feel like Chael took this fight for the money and just to get back in the ring, and never planned on beating Tito.

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