MSNBC says “America first” has a dark meaning1 minute read

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Minutes after our new President Donald J. Trump gave a fantastic speech after being sworn in, the mainstream dying media did the exact thing that is causing their rantings to plummet more and more every week. They did what they do best, ruin the party! Trump is a great speaker, and an honest speaker. He has the American people’s back. Anything President Trump says the mainstream media will twist, mold and find some way to make a great speech from Trump sound Hitlarian, or dark. Very pathetic..

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had this to say about President Trump’s America First approach…

“Our new president also repeating that our guiding principal will be America first, America first. We know how he used that as a campaign slogan, that does have also very dark echos in American history.” She went on to say that many of the people who think “America first” are often anti-Semitic.

“America first also means a very specific thing in this country, to re-purpose it now, not that down the historical path, it uh, it’s uh, it’s hard, it’s hard to hear.” she continued.

-Rachel Maddow (Jan 20th 2017)

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