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The Oakland Raiders, have filed their relocation papers Thursday morning to move to Las Vegas. Owner Mark Davis mentioned back in the spring of 2016 that he had plans to move the Raiders to Vegas and is still going through with the Idea. The Raiders are following a new trend in California of Moving teams first we Had the LA Rams Moving back, then the San Diego Chargers Moving to LA and Now the Historic Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas. Many say its a good move and others say it is not, I say the Raiders should stay. Here is a Quote from our very own writer Nicolas Bowling (Dj Bootleg) “Would Be Good For Football Fans, but Bad For Raider Fans.The application will be reviewed in the coming weeks by league staff and the stadium and financing committees and must be approved by three-fourths of the NFL’s team owners. The Raiders moving from Oakland does not sit well with me, only because as a football fan I will always see the Raiders as the bad boys from Oakland the history that they have and being associated with that town as rough and tough. The Raiders will forever be known as  The Oakland Raiders  in my mind. Now it may very well be good for the game of Football, from a business point and to bring new and young fans to the game so they can have a new audience, time will only tell if this will go down as good move or bad one. What we can hope for is maybe we get 2 new expansion teams to fill some voids and bring even more viewers to the game. So lets see what next season brings.

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