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Hunting Wild Boar. Wild boars are a problem for many land owners,they cause a lot of damage and are very costly to property owners and businesses. For us hunters here in the Sunshine State wild hogs offer a sporting opportunity,and always offer a chance to fill the cooler and maybe a chance at a trophy. When hunting  wild hogs always look for signs , such as scrape marks against the base of the trees, look for uprooted ground since hogs are notorious for uprooting crops and land, also smell for a musky smell in the air.

Now there are certain rules and dates for hog hunting here in Florida especially in the WMA (Wild life management Areas) but the best place to hunt them is on private land if you get a chance with landowner permission.There is no size or bag limit, and you may harvest either sex. Also, no hunting license is required. A gun and light at night permit is not required to take wild hogs with a gun and light on private lands with landowner permission. Wild hogs may be trapped or hunted all year round using any legal to own rifle, shotgun, bow, crossbow,or pistol. So if you are just looking for excitement and outdoor adventure try your shot at a Florida Hog. Hog hunting is a way to keep the population of wild hogs down.Florida’s population boom now includes some 500,000 wild hogs whose piggish habits are causing problems for farmers, residents and health officials as well as native flora and fauna.

they will eat almost anything, including dead animals, and it seems like they’re always looking for opportunities,  When natural foods are scarce or inaccessible, hogs will forage on almost any agricultural crop and livestock feed. They will also feed on tree seeds and seedlings, causing significant damage in forests, groves and plantations. In Florida and the Southeast, this may be a problem in regenerating long-leaf pine forests.

In addition to the effects of consuming, knocking down and trampling large amounts of native vegetation and crops, the rooting behavior of wild hogs causes significant damage, Rooting, digging for foods below the surface of the ground  destabilizes the soil surface, uprooting or weakening native vegetation, damaging lawns and causing erosion. Their wallowing behavior destroys small ponds and stream banks, which may affect water quality. They also prey upon ground-nesting wildlife, including sea turtles.Wild hogs compete for food with other game animals such as deer, turkeys and squirrels, and they may consume the nests and young of many reptiles, ground-nesting birds and mammals.  Millions of dollars are spent each year to prevent damage from hogs.Hunting is an important control method for wild hogs because it provides recreational opportunities. Hunting theses animals is not barbaric but a way to keep the population under control. If you need any more information please check out for more information. So keep it here at RealOudoors, where we bring the Outdoors to you.

Here are some examples of what wild hogs do 

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