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In honor of Martin Luther King day this Monday we thought it would only be right to dedicate an article to him. We here at RealNSE.com unfortunately have to focus on a lot of negative news, because that’s what’s going on today. We wanted to focus on something and someone who changed the world truly in a great way.

Many people don’t fully realize how far ahead MLK was of his time. He was light years ahead of where he should have been. Even now in 2017 he’s ahead of many. He was highly intelligent, he received his Ph.D in systematic theology from Boston University in 1955. If you just stop and try and comprehend the movement that he started, the fact that he brought millions of people in the United States together of all races, and changed the minds of racist and prejudice individuals is just mind blowing. Martin Luther King Jr stood for what he believed in, even when he was threatened, disrespected and even put in jail almost 30 times he still never gave up on his dream that ultimately ended his life. Normal people would give up or not even start, because we are afraid to stand up for what we truly believe in fear of what people may think. But MLK was not normal, he was and always will be a legend.

I really can’t imagine where we would be if it wasn’t for MLK, would we still have segregation? Would I not have a beautiful half black son? I don’t know and thankfully we will never know. We live in a much better world because of Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you for all you did for us.

From Roll

Martin Luther King paved the way for many African Americans today and broke down color barriers. Because of his movements we can go to schools together and go to restaurants and establishments together.  We thank you Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

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