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President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since being elected. He touched on turning over all control of his businesses over to his son’s, Russia, Fake News, The Buzzfeed recent dossier, who is really paying for the wall and much more. Here are a few takeaways from President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference.


1. Mainstream media earns some respect from Trump. 

The President-elect started out talking about the bogus fake news that came out of the failing BuzzFeed news organization yesterday about Donald Trump having ties to Russia in a “secret” and “confidential” dossier. Trump told the mainstream media outlets, the same outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and NBC that Trump has been destroying and calling out on their lies during the entire campaign that they’ve earned some respect from him for the way they reported on the Buzzfeed fake news.

2. Trump has appointed David Shulkin to head Veterans Affairs

Trump has finally appointed someone to head the VA. I like this pick, I’ll be doing a more in depth article on who Shulkin is and why he’s a good choice.

3. Straightens out the “tax payers having to pay for the wall” false narrative.

He said he can get Mexico to pay for the wall but to do that it would take years, “I don’t wanna wait that long” Trump said. So we are working to start the wall very quickly, and then having Mexico reimburse us for it. Whether that be through tarrifs, or just cutting us a check “they will pay”.


4. Trump’s giving all of his businesses control to his two sons, Eric and Don Jr.

We kind of all knew this was coming, Trump handing over his business to his two sons to allow him to focus on Making America Great Again and preventing the left and Democrats from using the “conflict of interest” argument.

Other small takeaways

    • Trump calls Buzzfeed “FAKE NEWS! AND A PILE OF FAILING CRAP”
    • Trump refused to take a question from a CNN reporter, “No not you, you’re fake news!”


This was a great press conference by our new commander in chief. Typical Donald Trump, saying what we are all thinking. Taking no crap from no one. Putting the American people first.

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