In President Obama’s final farewell address he tries desperately to connect with millennials.2 minute read

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I don’t know if any of my readers saw Obamas cringey farewell address, but boy…. let me tell you…. It got pretty pathetic.. The whole speech was just all over the place, climate change, no terror attacks on American soil for the past 8 years? Huh? Sanbernodino doesn’t count? The Batman shooter? The Pulse nightclub? Hmm how’s that work Obama? I’m confused?

The whole speech was just an ass kissing of the President that’s about to go bye bye. I guarantee you that 80% of the people in the crowd were being paid to be there, just like they did for Hillary Clinton.

The point he was pushing throughout the speech was pretty much that he has done so much over the past 8 years, and he wants to paint Donald Trump as a bad guy if he goes in and undo’s all of Obama’s job killing pointless executive orders. So Obama pumps these poor brainwashed people’s heads with lies so when Trump repeals the Obama “legacy” they will all be in an uproar.

He’s trying to make you forget about all the terrible and evil things he’s done over the past 8 years. And think “aww he’s just a good man”. No, he doesn’t give a shit about you! WAKE UP!

It’s all about brainwashing folks. Don’t worry my true patriots,  Donald Trump is only days away! And then we never have to hear from this goblin anymore. And finally America will be put first.

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