Packers stomp the Giants to advance to the next round of the playoffs2 minute read

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During the first quarter and some of the second, I was getting extremely concerned about Aaron Rodgers and the low quality of play. Staying still in the backfield like he’s doing the damn mannequin challenge or something! But luckily he snapped out of it late in the 2nd quarter right before the half. And by the way… that hit on Jordy Nelson was 100% illegal. He should’ve been penalizes (given us a 1st down) and punishment from the league for that bullshit, leading with helmet on a defenceless player.

Aaron Rodgers throws another Hail Mary, while the ball was up in the air it was like it was in slow motion. Then I see #18 back in the end zone and somehow he comes down with it. That right there was the turning point. Up until that point the New York Giants defense was hitting on all cylinders. When Rodgers connected with old faithful Randall Cobb for that hail mary bomb, the wind was sucked right out of the G-Men’s defense. They weren’t the same after that.

They’re two types of good football teams in the NFL. Fast starters, slow starters. That game was the Giants moving fast early, running out of gas, and the Packers starting off slow then peddle to the floor heading into the 3rd quarter.

Recap Giants vs. Packers

Giants stats

  • E. Manning: 23/44 FOR 299 YARDS, 1 TD 1INT, 1 FUMBLE
  • P. Perkins: 10 CARRIES FOR 30 YARDS, 0 TD
  • R. Jennings: 8 CATCHES FOR 125 YARDS, 1 TD
  • O. Beckham: 4 CATCHES FOR 28 YARDS 0 TD

Packers stats

  • A. Rodgers: 25/40 FOR 362 YARDS, 4 TD 0 INT
  • C. Michael: 10 CARRIES FOR 47 YARDS, 0 TD
  • D. Adams:  8 CARRIES FOR 125 YARDS, 1 TD
  • R. Cobb: 5 CATCHES FOR 116 YARDS 3 TD
  • J. Cook: 5 CATCHES FOR 48 YARDS

I will be doing a full preview for the Packers vs. Cowboys game tomorrow. #GoPackGo!

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