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Last Sunday, 4 of the  New York Giants WR flew out to Miami to party like rock-stars. The 4 included WR’s were Odell Beckhamn JR, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Roger Lewis. They were seen partying in the famous south beach night-club LIV, and there where big time celebrities there as well. From the likes of Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Trey Songs, Two Chains, Fabulous and Khloe Kardashian and last but not least one Johnny Manziel. During the week video and pictures did surface of the group on a boat after the party the next day hanging out, reports have surfaced that drugs where passed around like candy. So that started a whirlwind of media chaos and a lot of backlash against the WRs for going out and partying instead of staying back with the team and preparing,  many did say that this would come back and haunt the team if they lost against the Packers.


So Lets fast forward to today, the Giants played the Packers and where blown out 37-13 at Lambeau Field.

Both teams did look rusty in the first half but the Giants WR’s were the main focus of the game to see if their performances were going to be hindered by the partying in South Beach 4 days ago. Well lets say it sure looked like something was wrong with the WR’s . Lets Start with the star wide out Odell Beckham Jr,  he only had 4 receptions and only 28 yards total. Beckhamn JR had 3 major drops, one key one in the end zone and one that he was wide open down field that would have been a sure touchdown  and another down the sideline, these are catches that come easy to Beckhamn Jr compared to the catches he usually makes. Next on the list is Victor Cruz, he was held to only 3 receptions and 30 yards and was shut down the rest of the night by the defense. Lets move on to rookie Sterling Shepard. Shepard was held to 4 receptions and 63 yards and no touchdowns, Shepard is coming a good rookie season and was a key weapon for Eli Manning this season, but was no where to be found in today’s game. Last but not least Roger Lewis, was not even a factor in today’s game, he was what we call irrelevant. So watch in the days to come many are going to say that the partying was no factor in the Giant’s loss to the Packers and then you will hear many say that the partying was a key factor in the Giant’s loss to the Packers. What it does boil down to is that those players should have never put themselves in that situation and waited to go party and should have stayed with the team. I am not against having a good time and partying, I am all for living it up, but if i am playing in a big game in a couple of days, I would avoid it and focus on the upcoming game, because those players were not focused on the game this week. They were focused on explaining their actions and how it would not hinder their play on the field. Now they can party in South Beach every day and watch as their season is now over.

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