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The NFC Wild-Card is set, The New York Giants will face  the GreenBay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday January 8th and on Saturday Jan 7th at 8pm when the Detroit Lions face The Seattle Seahawks in Seattle.

The GreenBay Packers, are rolling now and their offense is firing on all cylinders, but they have taken a major hit on defense due to all the injuries in the secondary. If the Packers want to win they need to score fast and score early and put the game out reach so the Giants  can not catch up. The Packers also need to pressure Eli Manning and Shut down Odell Beckham JR, the best they can.

Now the keys for the New York Giants is to spread the field out and use all their weapons on offense. The Giants have a potent offense and very dangerous defense as of late, and once they get rolling and can be scary for any team. Everyone should remember last time the Giants caught fire like this and went into the wildcard they went all the way and won the SuperBowl. So lets see who comes out on top this weekend in this match-up. I do not have a dog in the fight, but I am stuck between a rock in a hard place, as a Cowboys fan I would like to see The Packers play the Cowboys, because we still are seeking revenge form that no catch game 2 years ago in the NFC Conference Game.  On the other hand I would like to see The Cowboys play the Giants since they gave us our first two loses and it will be great to shut all the Nagging Giants fans up.


Packers: 28

Giants : 31

SORRY DJ Bootleg ( NICO Bowling).



Now on to The Detroit Lions, they are set to do battle with the notorious Seattle Seahawks. The Lions have had a really good season this year and have rode that to a playoff appearance that has not happened in Detroit in a very long time. The Detroit Lions have a chance at winning the game if they confuse the Seattle defense by running quick plays and a lot of no huddles and audibles at the line to keep that Potent Seattle Defense guessing. As for the defensive side for the Lions they need to focus on shutting down Russell Wilson, and containing him if they have any chance of winning.

As For the Seattle Seahawks, they have lost that fire power that they once called the Legion of Boom, with injuries on the defensive side of especially a key player in Earl Thomas Going down with a season ending injury early in the season. Even with the injuries the Seahawks  are still a force on the defensive side of the ball with take aways and a dominant front line. Now for the offensive side they still have that weapon in Russell Wilson as a crafty veteran QuarterBack but they still like the running game since Marshawn Lynch retired, and they have also suffered a key injury on the offensive side of the ball with that bad injury to Tyler Lockett, the wideouts for the Seahawks  have been a little lack luster but still manage to make the key plays when the opportunity presents its self. So this game will be a dogfight and watch for a low scoring game.



Lions: 21




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